Our History

On November 6, 1971, Elmer Forry and Ada Conley were married in their new home at 820 Ivy Drive. On their property, they built a chicken house and processing room for 14,000 egg-laying hens. The name of this business was Silver Spring Egg Farm. In 1974, a larger and used processing machine was purchased and a wing was added to the processing room to accommodate the bigger machine. Instead of processing 5-6 days a week it only took 2-3 days. In 1981, the Avian Flu wiped out all of the Silver Spring Egg Farm’s chickens. Instead of updating the equipment, the business was closed.

In 1986, Silver Spring Storage started with 74 self-storage units in the remodeled chicken house. To make better use of the processing area on February 4th 1993 Forry’s Country Store opened as a bulk food store with a deli.