Thanksgiving Season

Fall season is well under way here in Lancaster County. Thanksgiving is this month only 3 weeks away. The hurricane brought us 4 inches of rain and some wind but we were spared the damage that some got. The Lord has truly blessed us beyond measure. Have you ever tried cooking and eating a fresh turkey rather then a frozen turkey. I have an alleregy to eating poultry so I’ve never tried it but I hear thereis a big difference in taste and quality. We are taking orders for fresh turkey thru November 15,2012. We extend the hours on Wed Nov. 21, 2012 until 6PM rather then the nomal 2PM.

Daylight savings ends Sunday so 1 hour for you to make a choice how to use best.

A few new items here are Verl’s Salads: macaroni, potato, pepper cabbage and Gerhart Coffee: 4 different flavors. Pumpkin pies are selling well and pumpkin flavors also. We are starting to put out the Christmas Candy now.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Safe travels as you travel home.

Originally posted in November 2012

Sunday, May 4th, 2014, 8:30 am