Happy New Year 2013

We trust you had a good holiday with family and friends over Christmas and are having a prosperous new year. Christmas candy is still on the shelf and Valentine candy is making it’s way on already. Easter candy will be in shortly, Not to rush your year by any means.

Speaking of year, Feburary 4, 2013 will be 20 years since Forry’s opened. We are having drawings, 1 day sale and other things for that. The 2 week Anniversary sale will be in March, more details to follow.

Pricing wise, cheese is dropping slightly, Butter is slowly falling, Eggs are down and Milk dropped over 10 cents a gallon for January. We had a few snows but no large amount yet, maybe in the future. On January 3rd the butter sculpture at the Pennsylvania Farm Show was unveiled. It has the PA preferred logo and many PA products.

Originally posted in January 2013

Sunday, May 4th, 2014, 8:28 am